An update on Her Festival 2021

It is with heavy hearts that we’re writing today to let you know that we have decided not to move forward with an in-person Her Festival this fall. The ongoing pandemic, rising COVID-19 cases throughout Maine, and our hesitancy to descend upon the community of Rangeley at this time have all led us to this point. So many of us were looking forward to sharing physical time and space together and nourishing our collective desire to connect with source. In the end, we feel the currents of collective consciousness now asking us to pause, pivot, and open to the greater creative potential of the next 9 months.

We'll start by joining together for the Autumn Equinox Full Moon. If you had planned to attend in person for Her Festival, we would truly love to see you at this online gathering. You can register for the free event here.

It's Time to Get Grounded & Juicy
How can we best turn towards one another in community during this time? In many ways, a gathering in the online space has become a more reliable and inclusive space. This is why we would like to shift our focus this fall towards community gatherings online where we can explore models of collaboration, support and leadership within a shared stream of collective intention:

May we be replenished,
May we replenish each other.
May we be lluminated,
May we illuminate each other.
 May we bask in delight,
May we delight one another!

How can we as women strengthen our collective spiritual evolution?

The very definition of yoga shakti (yogini) is "she who is a dynamic, unifying force of nature." Indeed each of us is a unique expression of the life force Herself. We now have an opportunity to come together in collective alchemy over the next 9 months to explore and imagine a new reality for ourselves – one that is more joyful, more soul-fulfilling and more sustainable through the ever-changing landscape of our lives. Please stay tuned for updates, as more details become available for:

  • Full Moon Online Gatherings to build and strengthen our vessel – to hold and nourish us through the next 9 lunar cycles.
  • Practice offerings from guides and community members to build and expand our own wellspring of resources
  • Determining if we can host smaller events in our local communities throughout the next 9 months

If you’ve already purchased your Her Festival tickets, we’ll be contacting you about refunds. If you have any questions please email

We now plan to gather together in-person May 11-15, 2022. This is the next point of emergence, aligned with nature's forces of spring and the Full Buddha Moon. In the meantime, let us weave and strengthen the unifying forces of nature that might conspire to hold us in sacred company once again.

In Peace + Light,