Meet your guides

Join these awesome women whose collaboration will guide us in the co-creative experience of Her Festival 2023. With more than 10,000 hours of formal training and study in vast field of yoga, they also share a deep friendship and connection to one another through the science and philosophy of Sri Vidya Tantra and the living wisdom tradition of the Himalayan Sages.

Each one of us brings her unique flavor, shine and experience to our retreat, actively holding brave space for inner healing, transformation, wonder & joy. As founders, seekers and creatives we look to navigate the vast field of Feminine leadership & power, beyond the age of the "guru" into new and emergent relational paradigms.

We are a collective – every one of us participates as well as guides throughout Her Festival.


Stephanie is the founder of Her Festival. A Transformational Coach with over 24 years of experience teaching embodied healing practices, she helps other female founders become great leaders who tap into their internal wisdom, establish space, create flow, and make decisions with power in their professional and personal lives. Born and raised in coastal Maine and owner of the coffee + co-working center, The Rangeley Hideaway, she loves to share the abundant joy, beauty & playful nature of these woods and waters in community and kinship.


With over two decades of dedicated practice and sincere study, Amie is a child of the wilderness, leading retreats and immersions around the globe. She is also the talent and beauty behind the camera at Her Festival. She regards the system of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as some of the best technology available to improve the health of the body, instill stability and resilience in the mind, and open the pathways to the supreme treasure in every heart.


Iowa's only Level 2 ParaYoga Certified yoga and meditation teacher, Fannie's teaching is grounded in the energetics and psychology of yoga, and provides experiences for the Soul alongside tools for leading a less-burdened life. She is on faculty at the University of Iowa, teaching Yoga (practice and philosophy) in the Theatre Arts Department. Occasionally moonlighting as a dancer/choreographer, Fannie's aim is to tap into the boundless supply of peace, patience, playfulness, and love that is available to us all.


Uniquely qualified through her education in Nursing, Yoga and Ayurveda, Sarah brings a lifetime of adventurous seeking, deep experience, motherhood, and the gifts of her teachers. With an extensive experience and training in healthcare and personal transformation, she feels best when working with clients to clarify and live their soul’s purpose. Sarah is the Founder of Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness, offering courses to cleanse and heal the body, restore vitality and create a life of balance.


Jean has been teaching, exploring, and innovating as a yoga teacher for over 40 years. Often called “a teacher’s teacher,” she is an expert in the subtleties of yoga practices and in bringing the practices to life off the mat.  She has successfully built numerous yoga and movement programs by creating effective curricula and cultivating community. Her sense of humor and commitment to non-judgment provide a safe place for students to explore, break boundaries, and release layers of physical, emotional, and psychic weight.


Brooke’s dedication to yoga and the healing arts has been cultivated with almost 20 years of experience in yoga, Ayurveda, herbalism, vitalism, vibrational healing (flower essences, homeopathy, Tibetan Energy Healing) and holistic woman care as well as cultivating the art of self-care while traveling internationally. She has a deep and driving desire to understand and connect to the beauty and joy in all life and in all people while being inspired and inspiring others in the mystical wisdom traditions that light all hearts.

A Shared Experience.